Jersey Post

About Jersey Post

The Jersey Post Group consists of various postal and fulfilment companies. Jersey Post has been diversifying the organisation in order to combat the decline of traditional postal services. As a result, a new range of customer-led initiatives has been introduced. These are designed to enhance their commitment to the highest level of customer services.

What did they want to achieve?

During the Christmas period many parcel and packet deliveries are not completed because secured locations are not available for postal staff to complete the delivery. Some years the figure can be as high as 70%. Jersey Post wanted to reduce the  incomplete delivery attempts and at the same time improve the service to its customers.

What was our solution?

Jersey Post had already adopted Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage its customer service desk for tracking enquiries and complaints. The company approached Corefocus to help co-ordinate a new service that needed to be introduced for the 2012 Christmas Period.

The new service named “SecureDrop PLUS” allowed customers two options for the delivery of packets and parcels. The items could be left at the customer designated secure location “SecureDrop: Neighbour” enabling the postal delivery team to leave items with a neighbour rather than returning the packet or parcel to the depot. “SecureDrop: Postal” gave Jersey Post the ability to send E-mails and Text Messages directly to customers when their items arrived at Postal Headquarters, allowing the customer to collect the item whilst they were in town or on their way home.

Corefocus designed and developed a new service module within their existing Dynamics CRM system to manage the entire SecureDrop service lifecycle. This included the initial application request form requiring an automated acknowledgement letter to co-ordinating and sending SMS text messages to advise customers when parcels had arrived. The entire business process is automated with Dynamics CRM controlling all aspects of the solution.

How did they benefit?

Corefocus were able to design, build and deliver a solution to Jersey Post in a little over three weeks and in plenty of time to meet the demands of the increased delivery volume that the run-up to Christmas brings.

The solution was deemed a success by the business that not only extended the delivery service to the three major urban parishes after Christmas, but also provided the Parcel Notification Service to the rest of the island.