Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner

About Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner



The implementation of the new GDPR law in both Jersey and Guernsey instigated a separation from a pan island data protection commissioner to two independent regulators operating two new data protection laws across the islands. The Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner [JOIC] had to grow significantly in order to deal with the demand imposed by the new law and regulations. JOIC set about a large improvement drive to with a priority in improving the privacy & information rights of individuals within Jersey.

What did they want to achieve?

JOIC has set itself the task to improve the privacy & information rights of individuals within Jersey.  JOIC have chosen a best of breed solution that enables them to communicate effectively and also improve back office process to deal with cases, accounts and contacts. The new law also required a new registration process that was dramatically different to the current process. During this period of change the office also went through a recruitment drive to expand the team, an office relocation, new brand and a new "information Commissioner".

Our solution

Corefocus assisted JOIC throughout this business transformation. The website deals the customer self-service for registration management and breach reporting, as well as an in-depth knowledge-based engine to provide education and guidance to businesses operating in Jersey. 


The CRM system was designed to manage all the back-office operations, these include registration fee management for registering organisations that process personal data. The CRM platform also manages all breach reporting and investigations via its enhanced customer services module operating under strict service level agreements (SLA).


The connectivity between the public-facing website and Dynamics CRM is controlled by encrypted WEB API’s that marshal’s data between the two platforms seamlessly. The SharePoint intranet site was developed for the Exec team to collaborate remotely and secure relevant documentation allowing users to make informed decisions on regulatory and organisational decisions.


The solution employed at the JOIC is based upon Dynamics CRM 365 operating in an on-premise environment.

The public website was designed and built by our in-house developers using Umbraco for it’s easy to use content management system, as well as its open architecture, based upon visual studio C-Sharp and Razor templating, allowing our developers to integrate CRM hosted data seamlessly into the platform.


Information between the public website and the backend CRM solution is transmitted or received via a set of Web Service API’s developed by Corefocus. These WEB API services allow search requests to be made against the CRM database, and the information returned via encrypted JSON data payloads.


The Web API’s are also capable of collecting customer complaint data from the public website (including photos, images and documents) and sending these to Dynamics CRM where they are converted into customer cases and assigned to a case officer via the CRM Workflow engine.

How did it benefit them?

The new Umbraco CMS allows the JOIC team to effective management their website posting and updating information to communicate to a Jersey audience. The back office case management system built within Dynamics CRM allows the team to manage data securely and process cases. Business central also allows the finance team to manage incoming fees and track expenditure for financial and management reporting.