COVID-19 Statement

With the situation changing daily with COVID-19, we wanted to give you an update regarding our plans at Corefocus. We have initiated a business continuity plan to enable us to provide our clients with the support and services through this challenging time. All of our staff have the ability to work from home and have secure remote access and will continue to work on client projects and support tasks.



Communication with Corefocus will remain unaffected, our main office number and consultant mobiles will be available as always. We are scaling back on non-essential travel and meetings where possible in line with government advice. The Corefocus team have access to a number of different remote meeting options including:


  • Microsoft Teams
  • WebEx
  • GoToMeeting
  • Or any other preferred method of contact.


Any future meetings will be arranged via one of these methods.

Support calls should be directed to:


Consultant contact details:


Matt van Sanden
+44 7797 851687


Steve Le Monnier
+44 7797 756284


Lindsay Harvey
+44 7797 821439


Nicholas Clyde-Smith
+44 7700 323221


Matthew Falle
+44 7700 338056


Raluca Dumitru
+44 7829 828894


Joe Pirozzolo
+44 7797 742059


For our clients using cloud services, we have been assured by Microsoft that there are no known impacts to these services, and we are confident that Microsoft will continue to effectively manage the delivery of its services to all its customers and, by extension, our customers.


We will provide further updates should circumstances change, but in the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.