Business Central: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Dynamics 365

By Joe Pirozzolo, 02 February 2021

No two businesses are the same, and no two Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations should look the same either. Continuing from our previous article exploring support for ERP solutions, Joe Pirozzolo discusses how the right technology partner can transform a business with a tailored approach underpinned by best-in-class software.



Best in class only gets you so far


Take a broad view of any given sector, from trust services or law to property management or retail, and you’ll find top performing firms promoting their use of leading software and their application of top notch processes. But these systems and procedures only get these firms so far: best practice and best-in-class should be starting points. Reaching the next level and developing a distinctive service offering is all about how software and processes are customised and deployed for every one of a firm’s clients, recognising the unique needs that each of those clients have. This ‘one-size-doesn’t-fit-all’ approach is especially key for businesses making the most of an ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.



Customisation starts with understanding


The strength of a best-in-class solution such as Business Central is its combination of foundational strength and adaptability. Functionality for common business practices in SMEs is provided, with support for more complex processes such as assembly, manufacturing and warehouse management also supported. The standard software configurations are easily adapted to various businesses’ sectors, processes, individual users and location-based requirements. But the key questions for many business owners and decision makers are: what, how, and who? That’s where a trusted technology partner raises their hand.


At Corefocus, our team benefits from an understanding of many common business practices as well as those more complex requirements relevant to different sectors. Drawing on experience across many industries and with businesses of all sizes, our consultants take time to build an understanding of our clients’ businesses to answer these important questions:


  • What are the scenarios, profile structures, features and add-ons that will enable a firm to make the most of their ERP investment, streamline their working practices, and ultimately drive excellent service for their customers?
  • How will the identified customised features be planned, developed, deployed and supported?
  • Who are the right consultants to deliver the customised solutions and who are the right client representatives to take responsibility for the solution?


These steps might seem blindingly obvious, but a structured approach to understanding is often overlooked. Long-term success often hinges on clearly answering these core questions, and ensuring that all those involved are engaged right from the start.



Individual engagement builds a strong foundation


Of course, individual engagement goes beyond the planning and implementation of an ERP solution. Recognising the subtle differences between individual roles and responsibilities within organisations, a technology partner can identify how each person tasked with using the solution can be geared up for success.


In practice, this means taking the time to understand each individual’s strengths and abilities, but also crucially requires an appreciation of where they have room for improvement. This process could result in small tweaks to someone’s profile layout, reducing data overload and providing them with key focus points, or could lead to a detailed prioritising of the features that will be most relevant for their day-to-day tasks. By taking this approach with all individuals, whether regular users or not, a business builds a strong foundation for success. Over the long run, firms working with trusted partners to engage with their teams will develop a robust network of individual Business Central configurations, all contributing to a powerful, streamlined bigger picture.



Focus on transformation


Businesses adopting new solutions and software are often embarking on the first steps of digital transformation. And never has digital transformation been a bigger business subject than during the last 12 months, as firms of all sizes and sectors have raced toward remote working and the delivery of consistent customer service against the most challenging of backdrops. It’s important, however, to define and prioritise the race – and not try to transform everything in one single stroke.


With this in mind, businesses entering into digital or broader transformation initiatives should consider which processes and functions need to be at the top of the pile. A customisable solution such as Business Central is perfectly tuned to this approach: various features and functions can be switched on and off, and can be customised at a pace in line with the wider business’ transformation priorities. It’s vitally important to know what should be prioritised, but it’s equally important to identify the features and processes that can wait for a later date. The right customised solution - and the right technology partner - will be ready and waiting.



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