Business Central: One Solution, One Trusted Partner

Dynamics 365 Business Central

By Matt van Sanden, 02 February 2021

Investing in a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be a game-changer for a business. But how do businesses ensure their ERP solution continues to provide value and generate success long after their initial investment?


Matt van Sanden explains that the system is only half the picture; it’s equally important to work with a specialist partner that knows the chosen system back-to-front and can customise the solution in line with their client’s unique needs.



A trusted solution requires a trusted partner


ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allow businesses to integrate their processes, make quicker decisions informed by insights, and connect with customers in real time. From financial management and sales to supply chain, stock monitoring and project management, Business Central provides an all-in-one solution that isn’t limited to a specific sector. There are multiple benefits for firms of all sizes, including improved business insights, lower operational costs and streamlined collaboration. Importantly, risk can also be reduced by working with a single, robust solution that unifies and enhances data integrity.


Once a business understands the benefits of an ERP solution and how those benefits can be matched to their specific requirements, the next step is to understand how the solution can work for them in the long term. That’s where a trusted partner comes in.


At CoreFocus, we’ve worked with clients from a range of sectors to implement Business Central and provide ongoing support. But that’s only the start of the story: by getting under the skin of each client’s business and investing our time early on in the relationship, we’re able to understand how Business Central can enhance client operations and uncover opportunities for long-term improvement. And by being a trusted, long-term extension of our clients’ teams, we’re able to support the evolution of their ERP solutions as their business evolves.



Customise with experience and expertise


With extensive potential for customisation, Business Central can adapt to its users’ needs with ease. Working with approved add-ons and extensions, from payment modules to expense management, our experienced consultants are able to match solutions directly to a client’s operating model - and customise these solutions accordingly. And with expertise comes experience: we’ve developed custom Business Central solutions for partners in a range of industries, meaning we’re able to plan ahead and envisage the ideal customised solution as soon as we sit down with a new client and discuss their needs.



Grow the solution as your business grows


Of course, successful businesses don’t sit still. Business Central is no different, with a natural flexibility and adaptability that lends itself to companies that grow and evolve. As a trusted partner to clients using Business Central day-in, day-out, we actively work with those clients to identify opportunities for improvement ahead of time, matching those opportunities to our clients’ strategic plans and objectives. Whether it’s a conscious drive to improve customer experience or a regulatory need to streamline operational processes, our team thinks ahead of the curve to ensure that our partners continue to benefit from the best-in-class technological investments that they’ve made.



Get in touch


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