Focus on Your Clients, Not on Your Admin

Technology Updates

By Nicholas Clyde-Smith, 24 February 2021

Business owners and managers can spend much valuable time focusing on administration and process – often to the detriment of their client relationships. Nicholas Clyde-Smith explores how a successful integration of the right technologies and expert support can help businesses focus their time in the right place, enhancing their client experience.


The growth of admin


For many businesses, administration has grown from a list of regular core tasks into a framework of processes, regulatory compliance, client management and financial monitoring. And it’s not only regulation that has driven this shift; more businesses are expected by customers, partners and auditors to apply best practice when running the day-to-day – and rightly so.


Not only does a complicated administrative framework require increased resources and the costs that come with them, there is also a significant opportunity cost to spending time administering a business when owners, managers and staff could be building and nurturing strong client relationships.


The technology solution


Step in: a tailored technology framework.


A successful integration of technologies begins with a thorough understanding of a firm’s day-to-day administrative processes, tasks and responsibilities. By mapping out the administrative landscape, a business can identify and fully understand opportunities for improvement, time savings and low-hanging fruit. The appropriate tech stack can then be developed and aligned with each of the firm’s individual or departmental duties, and tailored to the firm’s objectives and priorities.


In practice, this process can be extensive and takes time - especially when undertaken in large organisations or in those that embed complex controls and processes within their operating models. Trust companies, fund administrators and other financial services businesses are good examples. Success during this discovery phase often leans on the input of expert technology partners, especially those with a solid track record of helping their clients offer superior customer service through tailored digital transformation solutions.


Once discovered and scoped, a tailored framework can take various forms. In our experience, a buy-and-build strategy suits many businesses. From broad solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 to website management tools like the Umbraco content management system, businesses can benefit from best-in-class technology that can flex to their needs and be customised to their individual employees’ preferences. And when the framework calls for something a little outside the box, such as custom regulatory portals or government management tools, a partner with bespoke software development expertise can make the difference between good and excellent.



Back up with the right expertise


While technology can streamline a company’s operations and free up time for client-focused, value-add activities, it’s important to remember that not all employees embrace technology at the same speed and with the same understanding. At the same time, all software requires maintenance and upgrades – tasks that most in-house teams struggle to learn or dedicate time to.


With expertise and support from the right partner, however, a company’s technology framework will remain current, secure and streamlined, and will continue to support employees’ everyday working practices. Importantly, those employees will feel supported and confident in working with the technology their business has invested in.


Remember: clients come first


Ultimately, it all comes back to clients.


Many small and medium businesses excel at their core competencies: delivering services, providing products, and assisting their customers. A significant administrative burden can distract from those key areas, leading to less customer focus and satisfaction. Clients come first, and by investing in the right technology and working with the right partner, businesses can make their teams’ day-to-day interaction with their clients seamless – and give them more time to focus on what’s important for their businesses.


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