Meet Microsoft SharePoint

Web Development

By Corefocus, 15 November 2019

This week we wanted to introduce you to Microsoft Sharepoint, a technology that we know can help manage your workload and internal projects. 


What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration system that uses workflow applications and security features to empower your business teams to work together. 

We love SharePoint as it allows you to increase your productivity and visibility for employees in businesses of all sizes. It allows you to easily communicate ideas and better manage workloads, without any additional stress.

The platform is easy to use and maintain, allowing employees at any level of the business to better manage their workloads. If you’re a growing company the software is perfect as it is easily scalable. 


So, How Can My Business Use SharePoint?

For over 17 years customers around the world have been using SharePoint effectively as an intranet platform, across all business sectors. Due to the fact that this platform has many features, companies find it much easier for people to work together on ad-hoc tasks, and can more securely share data and information such as documents, data and client details. 

Our SharePoint program allows you to use security controls, giving businesses the opportunity to do more in shorter periods of time and manage your workdays more effectively. 

Some of our clients use SharePoint for the following reasons;

  • To ensure documents and approved and checked before they are visible
  • To lock documents or “check them out” to ensure they cannot be edited further
  • To notify them when documents are updates, changes or amended
  • Make workflows to automate actions such as moving or emailing documents and recording information.

All of the above allows you to enhance the productivity of business users and enhances the prospects for collaboration. 



So, as you can see SharePoint is a powerful and very effective technology that could help your business perform better. If you’d like an informal chat with our team about the benefits, and how we can help your business please call us on 01534 780183 or visit:


We’re always happy to answer any questions, so make sure that you get in touch today to let us transform your business for the better!