The Importance of Effective Lead Capture Forms

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By Corefocus, 14 October 2019

If your business has a website to drive sales and educate your customers, providing them with more information on topics or products, then you need to be focused on creating lead capture forms for your website. 


A lead, in essence, is the contact information of a customer actively looking on your website. For your business to grow and develop effectively you need this information to build a deeper relationship with potential and current customers. This is where lead capture forms come in. These are often found on a separate web page on your site and ask customers to fill in simple details in order to keep in contact with your company. So, if you don’t currently, why do you need lead capture forms on your site, and more importantly why do they need to be more effective.



Lead Capture Forms Build Longer-Lasting Relationships


“80% of visitors to your site that don’t buy immediately, will buy from your competitor in the next 12 months”.

According to this statistic, if you don’t keep in touch with potential customers or remind them to return to your site, you could lose them to competitors. An effective lead capture form will be inviting enough to secure customer details, giving you the opportunity to build a longer-lasting relationship and an open form of communication with your customer. 

If you find that your customers aren’t returning to your site come and speak to our team about packages and marketing systems that can secure leads.

See the basic type of sales form you should be aiming for below;


Effective Lead Capture Forms Increase Profit 

A great example of the power of lead capture forms in creating profit has to be from Expedia. The travel giant increased its annual profits by $12 million simply by removing one field from their lead capture form. This illustrates just how important lead capture forms are! For Expedia, they already had a lead capture form, however, they didn’t realise just how frustrating it was for customers to use. Therefore, they were losing millions of pounds worth of business just down to a simple mistake they had overlooked. In their lead capture forms, they had a box to put “Company Name”. Now, this very simple box confused many customers who subsequently didn’t fill out the form or buy from the site because they assumed this was for B2B sales only. 

After removing this box the amount of failed transactions dropped as more and more customers completed purchases with a simpler lead capture form. 

Therefore, maybe you have lead capture forms but they aren’t as effective as you’d hope. If this is the case Corefocus can work with you to streamline this process, creating a smoother customer journey as more and more customers see the benefit of entering their details into a simple form. 



So, How Do You Create The Perfect Lead Capture Form? 

Overall, less is definitely more. Don’t make filling in a form and giving over details a challenge for your customers. Your whole brand reputation can be tarnished if customers feel you are asking for too much information or see obvious flaws in your forms that you have missed. A lead capture form should only ask for the essential info you need and offer something in return to your customers. This doesn’t have to be an expensive gesture of thanks. Maybe use the lead capture form to allow customers to sign up to a monthly newsletter where they get the key information or to download a free E-Book for advice in your industry. Ultimately, the smaller your offer the smaller your lead capture forms should be. 


In conclusion, lead capture forms are essential to building your business and ensuring your customers stay on your site for longer, buying directly from your rather than your competitors. If you need help creating effective lead capture forms or want advice on how to digitize your business to accommodate more online customers then come and speak to our team. We are experts in using tech to improve your business and your customer’s experience on your site so get in touch today. 

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