Umbraco vs. Wordpress: Our Guide to CMS platforms

Web Development

By Corefocus, 13 September 2019

At Corefocus we understand the importance of an effective Content Management System when it comes to creating an active, easy to use website that best reflects your brand. However, which platform will work better for your business?


What Is Wordpress?


Wordpress is a widely used blogging system that can be hosted in any environment. Around 30% of websites on the internet as now Wordpress powered. However, it wasn't built as a content management system, just a blogging platform. Rather, because of its wide use and popularity, it has often been thrown into the CMS category. 

With Wordpress, you receive standard templates and designs, including optional add-ons. Although these are easy to use these templates can mean that websites that look and feel the same as everyone else’s to customers. 

However, as one of the most popular website building tools, this platform cannot be ignored!



What is Umbraco? 


Umbraco, on the other hand, is a specifically designed and built content management system. Because of this, it is a simple, easy to use and highly customisable content management system. At Corefocus we champion Umbraco as it is a system that gives you the freedom to manage your content and website, your way.

Umbraco is the most popular CMS built on the Microsoft.NET framework and as such is supported by web developers worldwide. Unlike WordPress, Umbraco is a blank canvas, giving its users the complete freedom to create a CMS template that suits their business. 

Umbraco is unique as it provides you with the tools to create a website and content editing system that suits your brand as well as being built on a platform that is extremely secure. 






But which is better, Wordpress or Umbraco?


As we’ve previously mentioned, Wordpress is a very popular platform, however, this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with performance. Rather this is about ease of use and exposure. As a simple blogging platform Wordpress is fine, however, due to its popularity and easy functionality it is highly susceptible to hackers. 

As well as the issue of security attacks, Wordpress allows poorly supported plugins to be used freely on the site. Although these mean that non-developers can easily use the platform it does lead to overuse of plugins, leading to sites that take a long time to load and hinder your overall search engine optimisation and brand awareness.


So, although Wordpress is more non-developer friendly is it worth the risks that come later when your site grows and develops? Where Wordpress fails Umbraco more than makes up for this. Umbraco is designed and built as a content management system. With Umbraco, you can rest easy in the knowledge that this platform already powers some of the world’s biggest brands, from Heinz and Carlsberg to Microsoft and Warner Brothers!

The security of Umbraco is also second to none. Your website will have the same security features as this global powerhouse ensuring all data, content and details are securely housed on a leading content management system. Once you’ve learnt how to use this new platform, which we can help with, Umbraco is easy to use system for any brand. 


Therefore, there really is only one winner if you're looking for an effective, secure and customisable CMS platform. Get in touch with our team on 01534 780183 or email if you think you’re ready to start using Umbraco or to find out more about giving your brand a digital transformation.