Why Campaign Automation Matters When It Comes To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Dynamics 365

By Corefocus, 07 October 2019

The future of your business’s marketing strategy lies in automation. In essence, marketing automation promises big things for the success of your business. More leads, more conversions, more sales; all with less work! But what do we mean when we talk about automation and how can it help your brand? 


What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is one of the most widely adopted functionalities used by marketing professionals and business owners to help develop their brand and customer base. Ultimately automation from programs such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to get more done in the time you have, meeting key goals and aims. Our marketing product, Dynamics 365 allows you to plan, automate and monitor all your campaigns. But, what are the benefits of using packages like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business?


Automated Email Campaigns

As we know, one of the most responsive forms of marketing is the line of communication developed via email. However, email marketing can be even more effective with automation. Dynamics 365 allows you to reach all customers in their segmented and targeted groups without the time-consuming work that comes with this. Targeted and personalised emails get much more interaction than those that aren’t. So if you want to streamline this process, increase open rates and get more click-throughs why not try using Dynamics 365 to automate your email marketing process. 


Generate and Score Leads 

In your industry qualifying leads and following up on inquiries can be a time-consuming, yet essential process. Automation allows you to immediately score leads, streamlining the entire process. Automation looks at lead scoring, thus deciding how profitable/likely a lead is to make a purchase or use your services without your sales department manually working this out. Dynamics 365 does this using a variety of factors, such as their level of interest in your company, how far along the sales cycle they are or how many times they’ve visited your page. The system then uses all this data to qualify the lead, and pass it directly onto the sales team. This leaves your marketing team free to promote your services, giving your sales team direct and qualified leads and directing their focus onto real opportunities for your business.


Obtain real-time interactions and Insights

Finally, automation allows you to see real-time goals being met and more importantly, determine where more focus is needed to achieve wider aims. Automation allows you to learn from your customers, identifying what works for your business and what doesn’t. With Dynamics 365 you have the ability to track and analyse customer sentiment in real-time, thus seeing what customers are responding to your marketing efforts and why. This allows you to focus your time on leads that matter, or pinpoint customers that could help you grow your business.

Corefocus understands the importance of automation when it comes to digital marketing and ensuring your online presence is well maintained and geared towards growth. With our Dynamics 365 package, you can plan, automate and monitor the full customer journey ensuring none are lost along the way. This package can also help you manage leads, providing you with a tool to streamline and maximise your marketing efforts. 


With Dynamics 365 you can run automated campaigns, plan sales events, create interactive online forms, generate score leads, collaborate with the sales team and get real-time interactions and insights. 


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